Christine Franklin (b. 1986) was born and educated in the Illawarra, graduating from Kiama High School in 2003 and remaining on the beautiful south coast Christine, and has recently finished her final year studying composition at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and is now studying Graduate of Secondary Teaching at Monash University. This young aspiring composer has studied with Michael Smetanin, Trevor Pierce, Mary Finsterer, Damien Ricketson and others.

Having the desire to learn piano from age 7 Christine, a self taught pianist began composing for her instrument. Having had little education in the forms of music theory and composition Christine began by composing piano pieces for high school assessments and has now expanded her compositional theories and practices from the experience and advice learnt from her time spent at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Christine’s first commission and performance of her own work was at her sister’s wedding in 2001, since then Christine has also performed at local venues and functions and is currently recording a collection of her solo piano pieces.

Having composed for a variety of different ensembles performed at the Conservatorium Christine is now in the process of re-arranging some of her works for High School bands as well as for competitions closing later on this year. As well as receiving requests for compositions from fellow conservatorium students Christine has recently had her works performed in the reopening of Jamberoo Hall concert, 60secs and ANEMOI and is currently kept busy by teaching piano and composition.

Christine describes her works as “A mix of recognisable tonal centres with unexpected and interesting harmonic and rhythmic changes, which appeal to both the audience and ensemble, as well as the composer.” In the future Christine would like to collaborate with performers to build on her ability to compose for certain skills, capabilities and preferred styles.

Christine writes;

“Composition by many is seen as a form of expression and to me a form of raw emotion. Writing the dots on the page is one step of the compositional process but having the ability to incorporate a performer’s personality into a piece (similarly like writers, actors, and directors) is what enhances the compositional meaning.”